Ecological and ethical gift ideas for Christmas

Are you looking for eco-friendly, responsible or ethical gift ideas to offer your loved ones at Christmas? We have some ideas for you! Follow the guide. Christmas is the time of gifts. However, that's no reason to fall into the trap of unbridled consumption: you can keep your ecological convictions and sustainable lifestyle even at Christmas. How can we do that? By choosing eco-friendly, responsible, ethical Christmas gifts. And yes, it is possible, and they can even be very good gift ideas, which you can give while keeping your good resolutions and without questioning the pleasure of giving and receiving at Christmas. Here are 10 simple ideas for green, responsible or ethical Christmas gifts. We'll explain why it's a good gift idea, and especially why it's eco/responsible!

A sustainable or ethical garment or fashion item

Why it's cool: because we all need to get dressed, and because we all like to have new clothes. Problem: we always tend to go for the same brands, the ones that are the most visible in the media. But unfortunately, they are rarely the most virtuous. Yet, there are alternatives! Why it's an ecological or responsible Christmas gift: because there are more and more new brands trying to change the model of fast fashion. They offer clothes made of organic cotton, recycled fabrics, from sustainable industries that respect human rights. To find out more, we invite you to consult the directory of ethical or ecological fashion brands on Eloge de la Curiosité, a blog dedicated to responsible consumption.

A local cultural experience

Why it's cool: because we all love to go to a show, a concert, or a cultural activity. If you know your loved ones, you'll be able to find the cool activity that takes place near their home. Why it's an ecological or responsible gift: because it's local, we avoid taking very polluting transport to get there. We prefer public transport for example. But we also support the local economy: very often, local cultural experiences help to create jobs and local integration, sometimes for vulnerable or isolated people. And that's good for everyone.

Food gifts or home-made cosmetics

Why it's cool: because we all have a little bit of a sweet tooth, or because we all like to take care of ourselves once in a while. A gourmet basket is always nice. Creams or cosmetics too. Why it's an ecological or responsible gift: because it's homemade! We therefore avoid industrial products that are often full of chemical additives, over-packaged and made from imported products. A homemade jam, shortbread or chocolate truffles: it's perfect for Christmas, and you know what's in it. The same goes for a range of handmade soaps or cosmetics. And what's more, it's more personal than a store-bought gift.

A train ticket for an original city trip

Why it's cool: because we're always thinking about discovering what's at the end of the world, but there's also a lot to discover in France or Europe, within easy reach by train. And everyone can enjoy travelling! Why it's an eco-friendly or responsible gift: because the train is the greenest means of transport, it allows you to combine the discovery of a French or European city without ruining the atmosphere with tons of CO2.

A decoration object in do it yourself

Why it's cool: because a beautiful decorative object is always appreciated (as long as you avoid dust traps). And because do it yourself is back in fashion, and you can now do a lot of beautiful things with a little time and know-how. For example: a nice lamp with a designer bulb, a stylish wooden coffee table, hand-painted flower pots, ceramics... Why it's an eco-friendly gift: because you can use recycled materials, from recycling, eco-friendly paints or glues. Because it's handmade, so it avoids heavy industrial processes. In short: everything to seduce.

An organic or eco-friendly gourmet basket (biodynamic wine, 100% natural jam, organic spread)

Why is that cool? As we said before, everyone has a little bit of a greedy side. Whether you're a wine lover, sweet or savoury, there are many brands producing organic, eco-friendly, local and high quality products today. For example, some of the most renowned wine estates have now switched to organic or biodynamic production. Why it's an ecological or responsible gift: obviously, because it helps to support more ecological sectors such as organic farming, which are in great need of it. And because it's better for your health.

A toy / game / decorative object made of certified, sustainable and eco-friendly wood

Why it's cool: because today's children are inundated with plastic and synthetic objects, often rich in endocrine disruptors. Wooden objects or toys are coming back into fashion, not only because it's a bit "vintage" but because it's solid and rather pretty. Why it's an eco-friendly Christmas gift: because wood is one of the only 100% renewable resources, and there are now specific channels to certify wood from sustainable forests.

Plants or gardening accessories

Why it's cool: because more and more people want to go back to the green, to be in contact with nature. Plants are a good way to do this, even if you live in the city or in an apartment. And gardening is trendy. Why it's green or responsible for Christmas: because plants have all the virtues: they help to clean up the indoor air, they help to relax, and they help to maintain biodiversity, especially in the city where it's scarce (provided you have a window to put them in).

A beautiful book (in certified paper)

Why it's cool: because reading is a great experience, and there are books for every taste and on every subject. Why it's an eco-friendly gift: because books are by nature a rather ecological object. Even if it is made from paper, it is generally more ecological than its technological equivalent (the reading tablet or the reading light), which are made from highly polluting electronic components. But above all, most books today are made from certified or guaranteed origin paper, after consumer pressure forced the industry to make a commitment on the subject. If in doubt, look for logos or acronyms such as PEFC, FSC, but also ECF, TCF, PCF (to avoid papers bleached with high doses of chlorine) in the first or last pages of the book.

Don't buy anything at all?

Finally, why not think about buying nothing at all? Of course, Christmas is the time for presents. But unfortunately, it is also often the time of over-consumption. We buy things we're not sure the other person needs or even wants. In the end, many of these gifts end up on online shopping websites a few weeks after Christmas. Sometimes, giving time to your loved ones, taking the step of going to see them, having a meal with them, sharing experiences together is enough of a gift for many. There are dozens of ways to please without falling into over-consumption, it's up to you to find the ones that could please your loved ones!
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