The reusable bag, the first step in an eco-responsible attitude!

Published on : 27 May 20204 min reading time

It’s not easy to be green in a society that pushes more and more towards consumption. However, it is possible to adopt responsible gestures in no time at all, which allow us to say goodbye to our bad habits that pollute the planet. In this article, we suggest that you take the first step towards an eco-responsible attitude by discovering all the advantages of the reusable bag!

A reusable bag = ecological?

Although the ban on the distribution of plastic bags in stores has been a proof of discernment on the part of the State, millions of French people buy plastic bags every day, never to reuse them! Indeed, it is estimated that 1 plastic bag is produced for every 15 seconds of use and 400 years in nature. The reusable bag is the ecological and economical trick to avoid further polluting our environment, especially the seas and oceans.

An eco-friendly composition

Did you know that an eco-friendly bag is not just a bag you use on a regular basis? To make it truly eco-friendly, and resistant to time, each reusable bag creation is made with natural materials. Many brands offer materials such as hemp, organic cotton, or linen for a soft touch every day and a bag that does not pollute.

Read the labels

But be careful: for an eco-responsible gesture, it is advisable to pay attention to the composition of your eco-bag, as it can be made from plastic. However, their manufacture is not only polluting, but also counterproductive if they end up in nature.

An undeniable quality/price ratio

Did you know that you save money by buying a reusable bag? The reality is that the production of plastic bags around the world is an ecological disaster that is creating continents of waste in our oceans in a spectacular way. If everyone adopted this eco-responsible gesture, a 60 to 80% reduction in the production of plastic bags for individuals would allow us to preserve our oceans, the first victims of this harmful production, for longer.

The economy behind all this? Although a plastic bag costs only a few cents, an ecological bag made from natural materials is profitable in the short and long term. Between a 5-second use or a 5-year use, which bag would you pay for?

The different types of reusable bags

We managed to tempt you to buy a reusable bag? We propose you to discover all the different types of existing bags, for daily use.

The shopping bag

This is the first solution when it comes to getting rid of plastic bags. If you don’t have a carrier bag, a reusable bag can be used every time you go to a mall to stock up.

The kraft bag

Among the bags that can be reused, ecological and practical in everyday life, the kraft bag is a good alternative. If it is practical and very present in shops because bought at low prices, it remains a bag with little design. Its great advantage? It is biodegradable, reducing its carbon footprint!

The advertising non-woven bag

Are you familiar with the fleece technique? The great advantage of this type of advertising bag is that it is made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials. In addition, non-woven is a material that offers perfect resistance to time and wear and tear at a minimal cost. But be careful: the non-woven bag is not biodegradable, but recyclable.

The tote bag

We were discussing the reusable design bag. The tote bag has become quite popular in France. Indeed, it is not uncommon to come across people in the Ile-de-France region who own their own tote bag, either personalised or bearing the image of a well-known advertising brand. The thickness of the cotton per gr/m³ makes it possible to estimate the quality of the bag. The thicker it is, the more you have a quality shopping bag!

Eco-friendly bags: what options are available to you?

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