Green gifts for men

What do we offer to elegant men, nature lovers, those curious about innovations, adventurers or sportsmen, to those who wonder about the future of the planet and society?

Ethical leather accessories - L'Élégant

A classic, but ethical version: we want transparency, made in Europe or fair trade!
  • Accessories made in France (belts, card and wallet holders, bags...)
  • Small leather goods fairly designed in a Bolivian cooperative.
  • Sneakers made from Ivorian wax and Portuguese leather, in short and solidary circuit.
  • Committed gifts, for an eco-friendly person who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and promote fair trade while taking care of their style.
For someone who would like something other than leather, there are also cork accessories: a wallet, a computer case. Or even leather-free sneakers.

A shaving kit and a toiletry kit - Le Soigneux

No more disposable plastic razors and foam spray! We're moving on to zero waste shaving, from skin care that's good for the skin, health and the environment, to toilet bags:
  • An original and elegant zero waste shaving kit. A classic under the Dream Act trees! It contains a safety razor, 10 blades, a natural shaving brush and a barber soap.
  • Cosmetics for organic beard care and designed.
  • A natural, vegan beard brush made of cactus bristles
  • A leather and automotive textiles kit, which enhances the value of the material destined to be thrown away, while making objects with an elegant style that will delight car-moto fans, 50's inspiration!

An ethical garment

A nice organic cotton t-shirt, a sweater made of recycled wool, a pair of underpants made in France... Our best ideas for a committed man, whatever his taste in fashion (ethical):
  • A sweater made of organic or recycled materials
  • A pair of organic cotton underpants
  • Socks knitted in Limousin

A wooden watch and a shirt

For a busy man or one who simply likes to take care of his style, a beautiful eco-friendly watch or a well-cut and eco-designed shirt will be enough to keep him happy! These two timeless items are a must in a man's wardrobe, so you might as well choose ethical ones:
  • A beautiful ecofriendly wooden watch
  • A linen shirt
  • A timeless shirt made in Europe

Wool accessories

A nice scarf or a warm sweater is the kind of gift for those hard winter days that will make him think of you at every neck! A hat can complete the set, as long as it is eco-designed ;)
  • A fair and solidarity krama
  • A recycled wool scarf made in France
  • A 100% recycled wool jumper
  • A fair trade alpaca wool sweater
  • An organic wool scarf

A gourmet basket or an oyster hoof

For a lover of good coffee, a fine gourmet or a cook at heart: bet on a gourmet gift from the region.
  • Biodegradable coffee capsules, Nespresso compatible, to reduce the environmental impact of its coffee (organic and fair trade, of course). Or in ground and bean version
  • A box of local products as we like them, to choose according to our preferences!
  • An oyster clog in solid wood made in France, to show off in front of friends at Christmas.

A backpack and a stainless steel water bottle

To allow him to barouder in peace (with the planet), offer him an ethical backpack and a stainless steel water bottle made in fair social rules, to replace plastic and disposable bottles! This ethical and solidary gift is compatible with his eco-responsible commitment and his will to reduce his waste.
  • A beautiful fair trade leather bag,
  • A backpack made of organic cotton and recycled PET
  • A zero waste stainless steel flask

A computer bag

For business trips or for everyday use, a beautiful bag or a computer bag made of recycled tires will be the original and vegan gift!

And to wrap?

For responsible gift wrapping, find the zero waste packaging technique that suits you!
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