Why choosing an eco-friendly gift?

We are all starting to become aware of the significant impact that our consumption habits can have on our planet. This is why ecological and ethical objects are more and more sought after in order to limit the consequences of our unbridled consumption. Offering a gift with an ecological tendency is always expensive, do you think? Stop preconceived ideas!

What do we expect from an ecological gift?

When we look for a gift idea, we first try to satisfy the person for whom the gift is intended. Finding an original idea for your boyfriend, your mum or dad, your mother-in-law who loves cooking, a friend who loves gadgets - in short, as many ideas as there are people to give it to. But it all comes down to a few important criteria to succeed in offering an ecological, useful and sustainable gift.

Affordable price

There is a tendency to believe that a gift from the green sector is expensive. False, many products exist at very affordable prices and in many areas such as children's toys, food, decoration and promotional items. They are made from recycled materials, thus lowering manufacturing costs.

Fulfilling its ecological mission

Buying an environmentally friendly product aims to be sustainable over time, as opposed to, for example, single-use plastic packaging. Moreover, when it is destroyed, it must be 100% recyclable, so it is important to choose biodegradable materials.


An eco-friendly product or gift is by nature reusable. Take shopping bags, for example. Today, the war on plastic has been declared and many stores are issuing more plastic bags in favour of reusable bags. The advantage is to reduce waste and limit pollution in the oceans.


A durable product is a product that stands the test of time thanks to its solid composition and the possibility to be washed for a longer life.

Who is an ecological gift for?

You can give everyone an ecological gift. It is a special attention that allows everyone to become aware of the environmental impact and to protect our planet while using a practical object in everyday life.

To your loved ones

Candles, trendy bags, jewellery, clothes, gardening, many are the most popular ethical gifts to give to a loved one. They are eco-friendly gifts with a good quality-price ratio. Finding other ideas requires just a little research to find the ideal gift.

For customers

The ethical gift is an original way to communicate your messages and your marketing ambition. A company can easily convey its values and broadcast an advertising message, information about an event or a new product by demonstrating its involvement in the preservation of the environment through an approach committed to sustainable development. Many companies and brands choose waste collection bags to offer to their customers, suppliers, partners, employees, distributors and local authorities. It is an original idea for a gift to offer and surprises those who receive it. The usefulness of the product combined with its aesthetics and ease of use make this gift a real marketing success. Think about it for your next gifts!
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