Which flowers to offer according to the occasion?

Receiving flowers is always a real joy and this pleasure is often shared by the person offering the bouquet. But then again, you want to do it right. But when you find yourself having to choose the right arrangement, the one that best suits the person or the occasion, you're lost. What does your mother or grandmother say about this? You never took the time to listen to them. Don't worry, we'll come to the rescue.

For a wedding

At a wedding, as a guest, it is a good idea to offer a congratulatory bouquet to the bride and groom, who may well be overflowing with flowers. Don't hesitate to opt for a bubble wrap to keep the bouquet for the duration of the ceremony. As for the choice of the bouquet itself, it is best to start with delicate flowers, whose meaning evokes love and joy. For example, you can choose the Anthurium which means "The hymn to love", the White Carnation which evokes fidelity, as well as the Peony, the Dahlia which refers to abundance and generosity, the Tulips with promises or the Lily which represents purity of feeling.

To celebrate a birth

All births deserve a luminous bouquet, synonymous with the joy of parents and relatives. Choose yellow flowers to represent this immense happiness. Here, it is better to choose flowers with large petals that symbolize renewal, such as Daisies, Gerberas, but also Lilac, which is a symbol of youth, as well as Primroses.

To declare yourself

So if you don't offer a bouquet for that occasion, you'll never offer one (which, between us, would be a shame). You have two options. The first is that you are not afraid to reveal your feelings, so red becomes your best ally. The Red Roses are a symbol of passion, the Gladiolus also has a strong message and the Gerbera brings back all the wonder you feel for your loved one. The second solution is a little more discreet, as with a bouquet of Violets that symbolize the well-kept secret or the Renoncule that conveys beautiful compliments.

For a meal with friends or family

Here, it all depends on whether or not you are familiar with the tastes of the people you are dining with. If so, then simply follow the person's wishes. If not, keep it simple. If you're going to a close friend's house or your grandmother's, express all the tenderness you have for her. In this case, pink or pale blue works very well, you can choose Roses, Orchids, Peonies which are a symbol of protection or Tulips. If you are less close to the person, a white bouquet will do the job perfectly.

For a romantic dinner

So of course, you can easily follow the advice in the section To declare your love, but you can also innovate with flowers that will lead to the pleasures of life and love like the White Orchid, but also create a surprise with a Blue Orchid, declare your love once again with a red or pink Guzmania, or remind you of your fidelity with Magnolia.

For a birthday

For an event of this kind, don't hesitate to opt for a festive and colourful bouquet, with flowers that will express tenderness and affection for the person being celebrated. For example, you can choose a bouquet containing Orchids, Pink Roses for tenderness, Lily, Freesia and Wisteria for friendship, Gerbera for cheerfulness, Lisianthus or Iris that promises happiness.

To congratulate someone

What better opportunity for a person who passes his or her high school graduation exam, gets a driver's license or gets a promotion to give flowers? So you can turn to the Amaryllis that conveys a message of victory, the Seal of Solomon flower that signifies wisdom as well as Geranium, Peonies for joy and Lily of the Valley for good luck.

For a break

A breakup isn't always an easy thing to announce. Doing it by offering flowers makes it much more classy right away. For example, Chrysanthemums represent the end of love, Marigold is the symbol of grief or Forget-me-not the symbol of remembrance and separation.

For funerals

To honour a missing person, it always seems difficult to choose the right floral arrangement. White flowers will show all the love you feel for the deceased. So you can choose Immortals, White Roses, White Carnations, Lilies, but also Chrysanthemums which are associated with the spiritual life. You also have the possibility to choose Round Cushions, Crowns or Pricked Sprays. Now that you have all the basics, everything should go very well. Here are some final tips from us. If you have any doubts, always keep it simple. Carefully avoid yellow roses, unless you want to make up for a fling. On a professional level, stay sober and don't choose flowers that may have a romantic connotation at the risk of embarrassing the person who will receive them. Don't hesitate to vary the flowers with your loved one, to surprise her forever. If you want something even more personal, then let your florist do it. And finally, don't forget that giving flowers is first and foremost: just for fun.
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