For Christmas, give trees to your employees!

What if, under the Christmas tree, you slide... another tree? Are you looking for an original gift for your employees? A meaningful gift to congratulate your teams who have worked hard this year? You prefer to opt for ecology rather than hyper-consumption, by proposing to the CSE of your company packs trees rather than tickets for an amusement park? Look no further, here is everything you need: the tree gift!

What to offer? This is the question

Yes, Christmas is coming up, and you still don't know what to get your loved ones. Not those who share your blood or your love, the others, those with whom you finally spend almost more time: your collaborators, your teams. Those with whom you have sweated blood and water to win the contracts, then take them on, and grow the reputation, the wealth of the company.

Growth: quite a symbol

Growth is what characterizes life. You watch your children grow, your performance, your turnover, your success, your joy. The tree grows too, what a symbol! As the year comes to an end, the cycle of life will be reborn. Remember: on December 24th we do not celebrate the birth of a child for nothing. It is also the winter solstice, the night when the light is reversed, when the days will begin to get longer and the nights will get shorter. It is a renewal, a new growth.

A little tree will grow big...

Offering a tree seedling is offering a future not only to the plant but to the person you are offering it to. It is a sign of trust between you and her: a bet on the future. For it is not enough for the tree to be planted, you must also take care of it, make sure it grows well, and surely as long as you do. Have you ever thought of observing the growth of a tree rather than the effects of age on you?

A gift that can only please

Do we know people who don't like trees? Who don't marvel at Mother Nature's prowess? Everyone has their preferences, of course. For one, it will be the umbrella pine that reminds him of the sea and the warm sand, the fan-shaped toes. For another, it will be the spruce with the sweet scent of Christmas. Still others prefer the oak, symbol of power and longevity, or the dark and mysterious beech of cold forests. But everyone has a taste for trees, and if one is surprised to be offered a tree, it is with astonishment that comes very close to rapture. For yes, it is an unusual gift! An original gift: that's our business!

A gift that makes sense

Giving a tree is a pleasure for both the giver and the receiver, because it is a lasting gift that makes sense. Trees are, it is important to remember, our best allies against global warming. They are helping to repair the damage we are naturally causing to the planet. Is there a better business case than to take nature's gift to us, which provides us with the wealth from which we transform the raw material? Look no further, you've found the brightest idea of the year: offer trees to your employees,  will take care of making them grow at their best and inform them regularly about the health of their property!
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