The best zero waste gift ideas

How to please a close eco-friendly person, a zero-waste enthusiast, or simply innovate under the tree with zero-waste alternatives to the usual gifts? Before our top zero waste gifts, think about wrapping them without paper!

Gifts to start with zero waste

Our ideas to gently and playfully convert your loved ones to zero waste or to encourage their first initiatives! A box of natural, vegan, solid cosmetics (solid shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste, oriculi), which allows you to test and discover zero waste cosmetics. Or a box of cosmetics for the face or body, depending on skin type. A pretty bento, to take lunch to the office: ideal for nomadic lunches and Instagram photos, it will delight cooks as well as adventurers. A stainless steel water bottle, which will accompany it every day. Perfect also for an ecological sportsman or for mom who doesn't drink enough. Another idea for beginners or initiates: books that make it easier to implement a zero-waste lifestyle!

Fashion gifts from recycling

Does your loved one like socks, warm sweaters or fashion accessories? We found our most beautiful fashion ideas from recycling: fabric scraps, recycling, upcycling, diverted materials? What was supposed to be waste becomes a new fashion item, and it's hot! Our favorites to offer:
  • Rive Droite bags, pouches and kits, made of recycled cotton and denim. There's bound to be the perfect shape and colour for your loved one!
  • The men's toiletry bag Entre 2 retro chic: it is made from car scraps such as leather, seatbelts or seats. You can also find computer bags and other sports bags. A winning classic under the Dream Act trees!
  • A sweater in classic wool or recycled merino wool: mixed (take one size smaller for a woman), very warm and timeless, it is the sweater made to last that we all dream of having.
  • A jewel made of scrap leather and recycled wood, for a zero-waste fashion gift.
  • Stylish and comfortable socks: the pair that will delight everyone without doing any damage to the planet.
  • Falling fabric, retro-chic as we like it, for a zero waste gift on a small budget.

Zero-waste beauty gifts

For a beauty enthusiast, a waste-free cosmetic is a way to show them that they can take care of themselves without compromising the planet and their health! Our best ideas for a beauty addict:
  • A top-of-the-range zero-waste make-up removal kit.
  • A handkerchief in organic cotton or bamboo, to stop disposable handkerchiefs with class.
  • A do it yourself kit to make your own moisturizer.
  • A precious oil for the face (yes, yes!) and body or a multi-purpose moisturizing balm.
  • Organic, vegan and refillable make-up in a bamboo packaging.
  • A zero-waste shaving kit including a vegan badger shaving brush, beard soap, safety razor and 10 spare blades: a chic gift for a man of taste!

Decorative gifts from recycling

For a decoration enthusiast or someone who has just moved in, choose a unique decorative object, without waste! This personalised gift will be a change from the big chain stores. Our favorites :
  • Recycled lamps, vintage and modern at the same time, where a jar has been hijacked: the deco gift that will go in all interiors.
  • A decorative object that has been mottled and given a new look, such as a beautiful vase, a caraffe or a glass set: we recommend it for a vintage lover or a budding artist!

Zero waste gifts for children

Yes, you can make a child (and parents!) happy in a zero waste way. Top 3 gifts for the mini thumbs:
  • Washable coloring rolls, printed on organic cotton.
  • A recycled plastic construction set that gives a second life to bottle caps
  • Children's clothing made from scraps of fabric

Zero-waste gifts for school or work

To accompany the daily life of your loved one, a fan of lists or a regular sketchbook, there's nothing better than the notebook he'll carry everywhere! A biodegradable notebook because it is made from...elephant dung. A process allows to filter this waste, which is too widespread in India and Thailand, to transform it into paper pulp of excellent quality. An original gift that always makes its little effect! A reusable notebook: you write "velleda" on its pages, and erase it with water, touching it doesn't erase anything! Very practical for those who spend their time writing to-do.

The big gift: a computer refurbished using recycled materials

For large budgets-but-but-when-you-have-a-good-business-it-would-be-sympa, group gifts, or generous gestures to replace Dad's or teenager's computer: refurbished computers are your friends! PC or Apple, they are at least a third cheaper, and rebuilt as if they had left the factory using reused computer materials.
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