Eco-responsible fashion e-shops to find the right brands for us

We've known about the excesses of fast fashion for a long time. The problem is always... Finding a solution. Where's the eco-friendly fashion hiding? In addition to deciphering the composition of our food and cosmetics, do we also have to return the labels of all our clothes? I'm not telling you about the construction site. Fortunately, select stores, e-shops and other multi-brand platforms specializing in ethical and responsible fashion have appeared on the web (sometimes even around the corner). Founded by enthusiasts, these online stores guarantee a rigorous selection of brands and pieces according to environmental and social criteria. Thanks to them, turning to eco-responsible fashion becomes much easier. As for the other problem - the volume of clothes we buy each year - we're not going to lie to ourselves: at the price of the pieces, we have no other choice than to switch to slow fashion. Yes, when you pay for fashion at its true price, you think harder before drawing a credit card. Anyway, I listed the e-shops I liked. Obviously, I didn't buy something from all of them. Here is rather the list of websites I now refer to when I have something to find... And I can't find it second hand!

We dress fair

Recently launched, We Dress Fair is, in my opinion, the most complete select store in this list, both in terms of the selection of pieces and the explanations provided. It is aimed at both women and men, and is full of great eco-responsible fashion brands like my favourite Armedangels, the very urban Thinking Mu and Thought, the organic cotton specialist Knowledge Cotton Apparel, the creators of Noyoco, the English pioneer People Tree... But also brands that are less often found elsewhere, such as:
  • Bask in the Sun tops,
  • Hopaal recycled clothing,
  • the ultra-resistant Swedish Stockings tights,
  • or the superb Atelier Le Gagneur bags!
All these brands have their own hyper-detailed page. To help you find your way around when you browse the e-shop, it offers pictograms by "values" (organic, natural materials, eco-responsible fashion, fair trade fashion...).


The Klow e-shop, short for "Keep Low", selects ethical clothing and accessories. For women and men, made with respect for the environment and human health. (This is the last time I write this, because in fact, this is the case for all the e-shops presented in this article). Created by a bunch of friends who had this idea while travelling, the platform is available in French and English. As soon as the website went online, I had fallen for the selection of relatively affordable brands for ethical fashion. For example, the beautiful and simple Armedangels, the English People Tree, the Insecta shoes, the streetwear brand Dedicated or the casual clothing brand Thinking Mu... Each of these brands has its own page, where the history and approach are explained in detail. Yep, transparency is the new black.

Mae Sue

The online select store Mae Sue was created by the Dutch Linda in Montpellier. On her website, you can find, among others, a nice selection of clothes for men and women: Dedicated, the Näz linen creations or the pretty Ultra Tee shirts. In all, 10 European brands, whose clothes are produced under ethical conditions.

Days to come

Opened in 2019, the Jours à Venir e-shop offers men's and women's clothing, but also beauty and grocery products as well as items for the home. Among the brands I like are Alfa, Atelier le Gagneur or Inaden bags, Suny cute little tops or Mayway clothes.


Kabanes is the baby of Laetitia, known to have founded... Lamazuna. There are well-known brands (Dedicated, People Tree...) and others that I personally did not know. My big crush goes to Ultra Tee and its beautiful tee-shirts and sweaters: having participated in the crowdfunding of the shop, I think I found where I was going to spend my voucher... Here again, clarity and transparency are the key words: Kabanes offers a lot of information for those who want to know more about the origin of their clothes. For the time being, the website is aimed at women only.


Modetic has long been offering ethical clothing for men and women. But since the redesign of their website, I find them much more trendy, where their selection was very baba cool a few years ago? Today, this eco-responsible fashion e-shop offers pretty brands like Bleed, Thinking Mu (they are everywhere), Armedangels (idem), 1083 jeans, Skunkfunk, Komodo (whose style is becoming more and more modern, I find), Le Tricolore sweaters, Knowledge (for men)... In short, there is a choice.

Dream Act

The e-shop dedicated to responsible consumption Dream Act lists a beautiful collection of ethical clothes, including some brands I already mentioned (The Textile Revolution, Kipluzet...) And others not: the delicate pieces of Maison Alfa, Maison Mixmelô and its colourful clothes, Titsup to take care of your breasts, Meuf Paris, Mumu Organic, the adorable Belle de Jupe skirts, the beautiful Muudana pieces... Also José men's and women's sweaters, Faguo clothes and shoes, La Gentle Factory or French Sunday clothes... Frankly, I had to stop because I was starting to drool on my keyboard. Anyway, if you're thinking of cracking, the TORTUE NINJA code will give you 10% off on the whole platform, with no deadline.


Altermundi and its network of Parisian shops initially defended fair trade, before moving towards a broader vision of responsible trade. For the past 13 years, they have been listing products from all over the world, based on environmental and social criteria. In the clothing department, you can find Armedangels (and if they are everywhere it is because it is the best eco-responsible fashion brand, yes this is totally partial) but also Patagonia, Veja... For women and men.


The brand new Miculi e-shop has been launched by Emanuela, a Corrèzian of Spanish origin. You can find ethical fashion clothes and accessories, but especially organic underwear!

Échoppe Sauvage

Finally an e-shop entirely dedicated to men's fashion! Behind Échoppe Sauvage, it is Clément who selects eco-responsible brands and gradually enriches his catalogue. I hope that this list of select-stores will allow you to make your (rare) clothing purchases more serenely. Good moderate shopping!
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