A green gift is also a way of offering
a flower to our beloved planet.

DIY gifts are a great

DIY gifts

It must be recognized that, due to lack of time, knowledge, material or even means, it is not easy to make all the gifts one would like to offer oneself to meet the tastes, desires or needs of those one would like to spoil?

Ready-made green


Fortunately, more and more shops, brands and designers are making it a point of honour to make and/or sell products that are as ethical and ecological as possible.

Our green gift

Get inspired

Here is a selection of gifts for children and adults, for big and small budgets, that you can buy online or in store.

Recycled, ecological and local materials

It's your choice!

Favoure objects made from recycled, ecological and/or local materials. Try also to go for independent designers/shops whose values are similar to yours.

Responsible gifts

Environmentally friendly gifts for nature lovers

A nature lover is an environmentally friendly person who prioritizes the environment and sustainable development. They respect the planet’s ecology by paying attention to its ecological footprint and encouraging fair food and fair trade. Products that the eco-friendly person uses in her daily life: her bicycle, organic fruits and vegetables, quinoa and, of course, a bamboo tea bottle to bring along. His slogan: fashion is green.  A massive thank you to the exhibitors who offer such good products with inspiring and necessary missions and convictions for a better future. Enjoy your shopping! More gift ideas on mk-cadeaux.com.

Tips on choosing the right gift



Ecological and fair trade gifts, made with natural materials such as wood, glass, and various recycled and recyclable materials respecting the environment and the living beings on our beautiful planet.


The recipient

It must be a carefully chosen gift that pleases the recipient. To find THE good idea, you must of course take the needs of the other person into consideration: this way, you are more likely to offer a useful gift!


What types?

As ideal-cadeau.com points out, for some, it will be an experience or some other intangible gift. For others, it will be a book, a beautiful craft object, an ethical garment or an indispensable piece of equipment for the home.

A sustainable clothing item

Why it’s cool: because we all need to get dressed, because we all like to have new clothes and because there are more and more new brands trying to change their perspective on fashion.


A local cultural experience

Since we all love to go to a show, a concert, or a cultural activity, this might be a great iodea! If you know your loved ones, you’ll be able to find the cool activity that takes place near their home.


Food gifts or homemade cosmetics

Why it’s an ecological or responsible gift: because it’s homemade! We therefore avoid industrial products that are often full of chemical additives, over-packaged and made from imported products.


A beautiful decorative DIY object

Why it’s an eco-friendly gift: because you can use recycled materials, from recycling, eco-friendly paints or glues. Because it’s handmade, so it avoids heavy industrial processes. In short: everything to seduce.


More environmentally-friendly gifts

Ethical gift ideas

Here are more simple ideas for green, responsible and ethical gifts. We’ll explain why it’s a good gift idea, and especially why it’s environmentally-friendly…

A toy made of certified eco-friendly wood

A toy made of certified eco-friendly wood

It’s an eco-friendly gift because wood is one of the only 100% renewable resources, and there are now specific channels to certify wood from sustainable forests.

Plants or gardening accessories

Plants or gardening accessories

Plants have all the virtues: they help to clean up the indoor air, to relax, and to maintain biodiversity, especially in the city where they are scarce.

A book in certified paper

A book in certified paper

It’s generally more ecological than, let’s say, a tablet, which is made from polluting electronic components. You can even create your own green book by following Books Made 4 Me‘s advice…

A green gift is chosen with care

It’s not something you buy quickly because you have to do it, and especially not in a logic of “offering for offer”. Otherwise, be sure it goes straight to the closet, or even to the trash can. And that, we agree, isn’t eco-friendly at all (unless you sell it on Ebay or somewhere else).